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Hi all
I’ve been get­ting a bit car­ried away on my radio show, what do you think?
Lots of emails saying people like it, but if anyone has any ideas on how I could per­haps make it better I’m all ears..


  1. Nate - April 28, 2008 2:49 PM

    Your rants are top notch Mr Prantt 😉
    How can a rant be improved? Mmmmmm… not sure. Perhaps you could make one of your main rants one of your segments, complete with a disclaimer jingle before and after… You know… ‘The views that you are about to hear are the opinion of Mt Guy Pratt and not those of Planet Rock’. Let your mini-rants against particular emails continue though 🙂

  2. Thomas Robinson - April 28, 2008 4:18 PM

    I can’t really think how you could improve your show to be honest. The rants are certainly entertaining to listen to to say the least, and Rick Wakeman seems to be facing some serious competition. I don’t think there is anything that you can do to improve the show apart from getting Planet Rock to update the listen again feature and your page a bit more.

    Other than that, it’s just down to personal preferences for the music really. For instance i might think that it would be nice to hear Fairport Convention played on Planet Rock but someone else might think that this would make the show worse. So in short, all you need to do is keep it up.

    About the hyponotising idea, i don’t think you would be allowed to do it because it is in a way dangerous because if people are hyponitised but then walk away from the radio they can’t be unhyponitised, which could be a big problem. Thats why when hyponitists are on tv or the radio they never show or play someone actually being hypnotised incase someone at home is hyponitised as well.

    And finally, could i just ask, have i done something to annoy you? I can’t think of anything but when you read out my bank of pratt email yesterday you went “oh hello thomas” in a voice which suggested you weren’t best pleased with me. Sorry if i have done or said something wrong.

    Sorry for the long response,

  3. Phoenix - April 28, 2008 7:41 PM

    Well, the content is the content and as such, what the DJ says goes (unless you have hulking station management who’ll smite you from upon high if you play certain things). As Thomas said, it’s a matter of personal preference as to what would make the show better or worse in that regard.

    However, the technical side of the show could use a little improvement, in my humble opinion. It’s never comfortable for me to hit the wrong button or to have to cover for the wrong song or bumper being queued up, but sometimes that happens, generally when I’m not paying attention. I don’t know what gear you gents use in your broadcasting, or how complex the switching of stuff from mic to recorded material is, but little gaffes like that do detract from the professional/polished quality of the show.

    It’s all well and dandy for my station, because we’re just a bunch of amateurs broadcasting from our houses (or hostels in the middle of Cardiff), but for a professional show, mm, probably something to look at in terms of running a tighter ship…?


  4. Thomas Robinson - April 28, 2008 8:21 PM

    I know what you mean Phoenix but at the same time it also makes the show a bit better in a way. There’s the old idea of a girl having a ‘cute’ mole. They’re the imperfections that add to things. After all, Guy is only human but the show having little faults here and there sort of brings the audience and Guy closer together. There isn’t any of the “im the DJ, your the audience,” instead it sounds more like a music fan has broken his way into the radio station and is just there to have fun and play music, even if things don’t go as well as they should. And it is kinda funny to have a song finish and then there is just silence until Guy’s voice comes back into the room, before the news suddenly starting.

    I know i haven’t explained that at all well and in case you are wondering, no i haven’t been smoking, swallowing or sniffing things that i shouldn’t, although looking back at what i’ve written you could be forgiven for thinking it couldn’t you?! Oh, and i’m not suggesting that you broke into the station or anything like that Guy, honest!

  5. Phoenix - April 28, 2008 9:39 PM

    Oh, I get what you’re saying, Thomas, no worries.

    And even that’s down to DJ preferences. On my station, we have DJs who laugh off stuff like that, then we have others who are perfectionists with regard to their shows, to the point of being anal-retentive about it. While I agree that sometimes the occasional flub can add ‘flavor’ to a show, too much makes it seem, as you put it, like a music fan who broke into the studio. While there’s a certain bit of ‘yay, one of us!’ flavor to that scenario that is appealing to listeners, too much can detract from the legitimacy and professionalism of what’s being presented.

    I’m sure there’s a balance between the two… but it’s up to the DJ as to where that balance will be and which end of the spectrum they’re comfortable with. Me, I’d listen either way. But when the question was posed as to possible improvements, that was the only thing I could come up with as a suggestion for something to consider. 🙂

    Not playing World of Warcraft today.

  6. Ricardo Padua - May 4, 2008 8:42 AM

    I think you might enjoy this…

    You sass that hoopy Douglas Adams? Now there’s a frood who knew where his towel was. You are invited to join your fellow hitch hikers in mourning the loss of the late great one. Join in on towel day to show your appreciation for the humor and insight that Douglas Adams brought to all our lives.

    What do I do?

    Carry your towel with you throughout the day to show your participation and mourning.

    When do I do it?

    May 25th.

    Where do I do it?


    Why a towel?

    check the website here: http://www.towelday.kojv.net/

    don’t forget to visit the picture galleries of the past years!

    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  7. Michèle - May 4, 2008 3:49 PM

    Douglas Adams… Didn’t he choose the name for Pink Floyd’s ‘The Division Bell’ in 1994 ?


  8. Phoenix - May 4, 2008 7:50 PM

    Mr. Padua, this site just became twice as cool. I adored (and very much miss the genius of) Douglas Adams, and anyone who ‘gets’ his work automatically gets twice as much respect as someone who doesn’t. Cheers!

    Michèle, bonjour, mon amie, you are correct. Douglas did reportedly suggest the name of the album, and he did perform with Pink Floyd one night at their Earls Court concert in 94. There’s a photo of him on the PULSE DVD in the stills gallery, if I recall correctly.

    Listening to the show at the moment.

  9. Thomas Robinson - May 5, 2008 12:48 PM

    Firstly i’d just like to apologise for taking so long to email you about the start of WYWH last night but my grandparents were at my house so it was hard for me to listen to your show and then to email in, thus the delay.

    As for the radio 4 bit i’ve read that it was a radio play or a topical discussion show. To be honest, i think it will always remain a mystery.

    I know that you said not to out-anorak an anorak and i’m not trying to but i think you might have made a mistake about the email about Wish You Were Here in 1977. You said that there was a 1975 tour but according to several books and websites at these concerts Pink Floyd played Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Raving and Drooling and Gotta Be Crazy. After the tour Pink Floyd started to record WYWH which was when Have a Cigar, Welcome to the Machine and Wish You Were Here were written and recorded. So it wouldn’t have been until the 1977 tour that the song Wish You Were Here was played live, so the 1977 tour was a Animals and WYWH tour in a way. Also you said that Pink Floyd played in Olympia but if you look on the Brain Damage website where they have the tour dates and venues the only two places Pink Floyd played in the UK were Empire Pool, Wembley and New Bingley Hall in Stafford.

    Sorry if i sound like an anorak but i thought i should point it out. I could be completely wrong though because i am basing quite a lot of this on the book that also quoted you as calling Keep Talking and “unlistenable mess” which you disproved a couple of months ago.

  10. Caroline - May 6, 2008 7:07 AM

    It’s a bit late, but I have to wholeheartedly agree with Thomas and ‘Nix about the show not really needing much improvement, Guy. I think all of the features, alive and defunct, have their merits. My only real complaint about the show is that I have a band/artist or two I’d love to hear being played once in awhile that has yet to have been played (*cough*Hawkwind*cough*). But everyone does, so that’s a moot point.

    Speaking of the features and e-mails, I apologize for the somewhat screwed up WYWH quest response this past Sunday. The symphonic bit came two stations after the radio play/soap opera/whatever…(does her best Homer) D’OH!! Didn’t realize that until it was too late…I was apparently more sick and out of it than I realized, for I had the great luck of starting to come down with a cold then. *sighs*

    In closing, I got the PULSE DVD set recently…and it has safely made its way to my top favorite concert DVDs. The picture and sound quality is simply breathtaking. I lost count of how many times my jaw dropped in awe. I thought the concert was fantastic through the CDs, but actually seeing the performances made them that much more incredible. My only complaint is “Astronomy Domine” and “Hey You” being left out, but the inclusion of “One of These Days” more than made up for that. 😀

    – Caroline

  11. Thomas Robinson - May 6, 2008 8:58 PM

    Hope you feel better soon Caroline.

    Sunday’s show was another good one, maybe we could have more quests in the future. I was wondering if you have any idea when the name competition will be put up on the website or do you just want people to email in their ideas?

    I’ve re-read my previous post and i haven’t so much put my foot in it as my neck but hopefully i didn’t sound like to much of i a git. I didn’t mean to but it probably sounded like i am. Sorry about that.

    As we all seem to agree, it basically just comes down personal preference for songs. i loved your comment when someone said that so-and-so wouldn’t go a miss and you replied it would because you can’t stand them. That was just sheer genius, and although never having had the misfortune to see a Richard Gere film i do agree that Bladerunner is one of the best films ever made. Similar to the DSOTM and Alice in Wonderland idea i was told that WYWH and bladerunner synch up and i tried it (yes i know how stupid it sounds but nevermind) and do you know what? as any fule kno it don’t match up! what a swizz eh?

  12. Pedro - May 8, 2008 6:46 PM

    Hello Guy,

    I can´t listen your show live on sundays, but I usually listen it during the week through the web, and I obviously enjoy it and laugh a lot!

    As a suggestion to make it even better, I suggest that for once in a while you invite some of the many friends and colleagues you had from the various bands you´ve played and toured with (the ones you describe in your book and we usually see them playing with you), and make a small interview with them about interesting and funny stories you had together during recordings, or tours, or shows.

    Cheers from Portugal,


  13. Thomas Robinson - May 10, 2008 4:36 PM

    Just to let you all know, Planet Rock have updated their website so ideas for Guy’s show can now be sent in. It doesn’t say when the competition ends though.

  14. Caroline - May 10, 2008 10:08 PM

    Thank you, Thomas, for both your well-wishes (as of last night, I am officially feeling better, I.E. I can actually breathe again and my nose isn’t constantly practicing for the Boston Marathon) and letting us know that the show-naming contest is officially on. I have done my duty and sent in my entry…and all I’m going to say is that I think it is considerably better than what I sent in on the Sunday that Guy started asking for show names (and for any of you wondering, yes, he read my suggestion that day, but withheld from mentioning my name…and for that, I thank you, Guy). But, that is up to Guy and Planet Rock to decide… 😉

    I have to say that my being sick wasn’t totally a horrible thing…when I wasn’t spending a half to two thirds of the day in bed, I was on my computer finally making the final rounds on my bass hobby research AND starting to have that hobby come together. In other words, I finally have my first ever bass arriving here next week!! *does a happy dance* Just got to get an amp and all that good stuff for it…

    – Caroline

  15. Karen - May 13, 2008 6:29 AM

    Umm, why do you have panda eyes after falling into the bath, did you fall on your eyes ?

  16. matthew - May 17, 2008 11:40 PM

    so get this i,m a bus driver on a popular route for goths an rock fans and against all the company rules on driving protocol i,ve got my dab on driving the bus on route from derby to nottingham on sunday night sure enough i,m getting the usaul crowd of youngsters on there way to rock city an the old sal pub plus a group of soldiers from chillwell barracks and several students from nottingham uni (which i,d like to give a big up as they really are a marvellous bunch of kids from all over the world ) anyway the bus is totally rocking singing to the tracks and broad smiles all round when we got to tollhouse hill the goths and like are getting off praising my choice of station and asking if i will be doing this route every sunday made a real change for me to see people getting of the bus all talking to one another instead of wearing those unsociable ipods an walkman type things so thank you guy for turning a mundane travel experience from derby to nottingham into a rocking time for all on board .

  17. Caroline - May 18, 2008 9:10 PM

    I thought that wasn’t really Sir Paul on your show for this week. ;D And I thought ‘Paul’s’ comments were hilarious…but your taking out ‘James Blunt’ was what seriously took the cake. I cannot express enough how much I heavily dislike that “You’re Beautiful” ‘song’ of Blunt’s…and it’s always nice to know that I am not alone with that opinion. 😉

    Great show, as always…and in addition to “The Punk and The Godfather”, Roxy, and “Coming Back To Life” (the more I’ve listened to “The Division Bell” lately, the more “CBTL” has come to be quite possibly my most favorite song from that, though really, the whole album is great and undeservedly overlooked), it was just great to hear some Beatles on your two hours. 🙂

    – Caroline

  18. Phoenix - May 18, 2008 10:07 PM

    Not a half-bad vocal impersonator, but his voice was too deep/too rough to be Sir Paul’s. He had a good chunk of the accent down, a few of the expressions, but, yeah.

    Good try, tho. 🙂

    I agree with Caroline re: Coming Back to Life. Just love that song. It and High Hopes are my two favorites on that album.


  19. Thomas Robinson - May 22, 2008 4:19 PM

    Sorry this is so long after the show but i was out on Sunday and i’ve been having problems with my internet connection since then.

    The show was certainly entertaining, thats for sure and even my parents are probably going to listen to it. Just one question, you say at the end you haven’t really had Paul McCartney on and you didn’t really hit James Blunt but was it really James Blunt that knocked on your door or was that just another impersonator. We never really heard enough of him to be able to tell which it was.

    Besides that i really can’t understand why people got so upset about it. Did they really think that you were trying to con them? Surely they realised it was just a bit of fun?!

    That and what is it with all the swingers emails?

  20. Guy Pratt - May 27, 2008 1:51 PM

    Paul Mcartney Al Pacino and James Blunt were all played by the brilliant Lewis Mcleod…

  21. Thomas Robinson - June 2, 2008 4:08 PM

    It was another good show last night as i’m sure everyone will agree but we didn’t get to hear you thoughts/theory about prog rock bands like Yes. I was looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it, because although Pink Floyd get called prog rock sometimes they don’t really fit in with it that much IMO. It’s pretty hard to compare Yes and Pink Floyd for example.

    I was thinking about podcasts again the other day and although there couldn’t be an option to download entire shows because of music rights and fees etc. how about every so often doing apodcast of all the best bits of your show? something like the wit and wisdom of Guy so that you best pee-takes or answers to stupid questions wont be forgotten?

  22. Caroline - June 3, 2008 6:15 PM

    Ooooh…that’s right, Guy didn’t do his thoughts about prog rock, did he? I too was looking forward to hearing that…even if it ended up being one of those ‘agree to disagree’ kind of things, prog rock geek I tend to be.

    But that said, I do agree that while Pink Floyd has had the VERY OCCASIONAL prog rock leaning (I’m looking at you, Atom Heart Mother), they are very much more-so ‘art rock’ than prog rock. Outside of AHM, while there are plenty of moments where the Floyd comes across as ‘prog-ish’, particularly the jazz influences of Dark Side of the Moon, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”‘s length and being divided into two ‘suites’, DSotM, Animals*, and The Wall being concept albums, etcetera; Gilmour and Co. have just never struck me as prog. But, I very much consider them artwork in not only regards to those said ‘prog-ish’ aspects, but also because I think no other band could/can convey atmosphere better than Pink Floyd…and I don’t know about you or anyone else, but that is very much an art in and of itself.

    Speaking of art, while I have my PF fanatic hat on (pulls the string on it to make a pig decal bleat out “One of these days, I’m gonna cut you into little pieces!!”), I have to say something I meant to say a couple of weeks ago: I loved the Rick Wright piece you played on the May 18th edition of your show, Guy. And as someone who had read a lot about Mr. Wright’s solo work but had yet to sample it, your playing that sample was very much appreciated. Perhaps you can play more in the near future? 😉

    Also, I don’t see how Planet Rock couldn’t do a mini ‘Best Of’ compilation podcast of Guy’s jokes, wafflings, etc. for each week’s ‘episode’. Afterall, I haven’t checked lately to see if it’s still up, but for awhile, the PR player had a ‘Why You Should Listen To Guy’ entry, which had a couple of Poke Pratts from one episode. If PR can do that, I don’t see how they could not do a podcast featuring more than two of such moments.

    – Caroline

  23. Thomas Robinson - June 4, 2008 6:05 PM

    There’s no reason why planet rock couldn’t do the podcast now that they’ve been saved. Finally they have a new owner! (how do i make a smilie face on this blog?)

  24. Phoenix - June 4, 2008 7:57 PM

    Just type in the smiley like normal (such as : ) without the space) and the site will auto-correct it like so. 🙂